Abandoned toxic waste sites are a serious threat to human health and to the environment.

The Texas Health & Environment Alliance is dedicated to protecting water resources and public health from the harmful effects of toxic waste.

About THEA

THEA is building a broad-based movement to remediate toxic contamination and clean up the Galveston Bay watershed by engaging communities, building coalitions, commissioning high-quality scientific research, disseminating research findings through media exposure, and engaging in advocacy at the city, county, state, and federal levels.

Our ultimate goal is to create a grassroots movement with authentic, diverse, and broad community support for the remediation of toxic waste sites, and this requires engaging a broad range of people, agencies, and organizations. The primary beneficiaries of our programs are residents and business owners who live in communities near the toxic waste sites for which we are advocating full remediation. However, our engagement efforts and our impact reach far beyond these localities.

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San Jacinto River Coalition

The San Jacinto River Coalition is a community led group working to educate the public about the San Jacinto River Waste Pits Superfund Site located in Harris County.

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Join Texas Health and Environment Alliance in our mission to protect water resources, public health, and the environment from the harmful effects of toxic waste. With your help, we can work towards ensuring safe drinking water and communities free from toxic contamination.