Watch for Traffick Online Safety image

Traffickers are known to entrap unsuspecting youths online via social media. Images and messages developed by the Mayor’s Office in collaboration with Love146 focus on encouraging safe online behavior by youths, highlighting strategies for identifying suspicious individuals, and empowering parents and caregivers with information on how they can protect the youth(s) in their lives. The City of Houston and Love146 purchased Facebook and Instagram ads for our target population: youths from 13-21 and adult caregivers from 35-55 for a 3-month period with 2 ads a week reaching over 2.7 million people in Houston and the greater Houston area. You can launch your own anti-luring social media campaign and reach both youth and parents/caregivers with tailored messaging on how to be safe while online by purchasing ads like we did or by using your own accounts and social media networks. Additional Toolkit materials will support individuals in developing a collaborative marketing plan and capturing campaign analytics.

What’s Included

This Toolkit includes 24 ready-to-post images with customized messages for both youth and parents/caregivers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To support marketing efforts and collaborative partnerships, the Toolkit also includes platform-specific messaging information, a campaign informational sheet and accompanying calendar, and a blank partner tracker. Lastly, a datasheet to capture campaign analytics allows users of the Toolkit to enter and summarize data on impressions, reach, and engagement.

  • Images to Post on Facebook – 12 for Youth and 12 for Parents/Caregivers (JPEG)
  • Images to Post on Twitter/Instagram—12 for Youth and 12 for Parents/Caregivers (JPEG)
  • Facebook and Twitter Campaign Messaging Documents (Word)
  • Social Media Campaign Informational Sheet and Calendar for Partners (PDF and PPT)
  • Campaign Partner Sheet to Keep Track of Stakeholders (Word)
  • Datasheet to Capture Campaign Analytics (Excel)