Use this toolkit to reach out to victims of human trafficking who may pass through the criminal justice system. Included in this toolkit is a multi-lingual poster designed to be posted over jailhouse phone banks if individuals wish to call the National Human Trafficking hotline number to report a tip or to self-identify. PDF and the original InDesign versions are included.


The City of Houston’s municipal jails did not initially allow for calls to be made to the National Human Trafficking tip hotline. To help those victims who are part of the criminal justice system, the municipal jails reprogrammed its phones, allowing victims to connect with the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. Harris County has also taken the initiative to reprogram its phones located in jails and in its Intake Center.

To motivate victims to place a call, placed above jail phone banks are signs that list the same intake-style questions used for the Palm-Sized Cards for Direct Outreach Toolkit. Each sign features panels in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese Mandarin (Simplified), Vietnamese, and Thai. Signs give victims step-by-step instructions on how to dial out and reach Polaris’ hotline.


  • Municipal Jail Sign (PDF and InDesign) – in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese Mandarin (simplified), Vietnamese, and Thai.

The City of Houston wishes to thank the Polaris Project, Sanctuary for Families, and the survivors it consulted for their guidance and input in formulating the questions.

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