City of Houston Mayor’s Commission
Against Gun Violence

Administrative Actions

1. Implementation of Standard Response Protocol Measures

Petition TEA to mandate standardized response protocol measures (as a part of their required Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan).

Implementing a standard response protocol with standardized vocabulary and concepts that will aide in allowing law enforcement, school faculty, and first responders in communicating during crisis response times.

Training with the same language across the board will prove helpful for all responders at the scene of an incident. For example, clear directions over the school’s PA system during an emergency response situation to: “Lockdown”, “Lockout”, and “Hold.”

These standardized words will clear any confusion and help in lowering response times of the students and faculty on campus. The recommendation should look to the Standard Response Protocol (SRPs) adopted by the Texas School Safety Center, Clear Creek ISD and I Love U Guys Foundation.

2. Mandate for Active Shooter Training Drills for School Districts

The Legislature and the Texas Education Agency require the Tri-Annual Safety and Security Audit. They should add standardized active shooter protocols as part of their mandate. Such protocols will prove tremendously helpful in lowering miscommunication and response times between all responders.

A recommendation requiring training for all school district security divisions to attend informative training sessions on Active Shooter Situations.

School districts should have coordinated training courses in conjunction with first responders, which will aide in reducing the learning curve and response time when law enforcement and school security personnel react to an active shooter crisis on school campuses.